Resources play a vital role in the game. You can use resources for the following:

- Build and upgrade facilities

- Build and repair ships

- Send resources to help an ally

- Conduct research from Research Facility

- Help your Federation with research

- Support allies with their activities (upgrade, build, etc.)

- Trade items at Trading Post

Types of Resources

1. Gold   2. Metal   3. Thonium  4. Dark Matter (Command Center Level 21)

How to send resources to your Ally?

- Send Resources function is only available to Commanders under the same Federation

- Go to Universe and tap the planet of your ally

- From the options, select Send Resources

- Select the amount of resources you want to send (Gold, Metal, Thonium or Dark Matter) then tap Send Resources

- Once you've tapped Send Resources, your fleet will be sent to your ally's planet to send the resources

- Your ally will receive a Resource Report (System Transmission)

Resources Facilities

- Max level for all facilities is level 40.

1. Resource Storage

-  A facility that stores resources. 

- Gold/Metal Storage Max; 728,513,222

- Thonium Storage Max: 145,702,644

- Dark Matter Storage Max: 29,140,528

- Gold/Metal Protection Max; 168,598,763

- Thonium Protection Max: 33,719,752

- Dark Matter Protection Max: 6,743,950

- Concealment Duration: 2hrs (Concealment function protects a resource type from being looted by the enemy for a certain time)


- Concealment function cannot be used during cooldown. 

- Concealment function cannot be used while Resource Storage is under construction.

- The max capacity will depend on your facility's level. 

- For max capacity per level, you can check it on your facility's information.

2. Residence

- A facility that produces Gold. 

- Gold per minute: 1,541

- Max Gold Production Capacity: 924,600

3. Metal Mine

- A facility that produces Metal. 

- Metal per minute: 1,541

- Max Metal Production Capacity: 924,600

4. Thonium Plant

- A facility that refines Thonium

- Max Thonium refining capacity: 676,600

- Thonium refining amount per hour: 92,460

5. Dark Matter Plant

- A facility that refines Dark Matter.

- Rare resources use for trade and to upgrade weaponry

- Max Dark Matter refining capacity: 135, 300

- Max Dark Matter refining amount per hour:18, 490

Boost Items for Resources

1. Boost Resource Product Speed - Resource production speed increased by 25% for a certain period of time. 

2. Special Boost Harvest Speed - Harvest speed increased by 50% for a certain period of time. 

Note: Boost items should be used before deploying your ship to the resource site.

1. Refine your Thonium and/or Dark Matter to get more of the same resources (This is ideal if you're going to be offline for a while as refining takes time).
2. Search for nearby resource sites based on their levels (Tap the Magnifying Glass icon beside the coordinates and search for resource sites) The higher the level is, the more resources you can obtain from the site.
3. Bookmark resource site's coordinates (On the resource site tile, tap the coordinates and add to Favorites). This will help you save time. But it won't be there for long...
4. Always upgrade your Resource Storage (If your storage is full, you might lose the excess resources that you obtain).
5. Upgrade your resource facilities - Dark Matter Plant, Thonium Plant, Metal Mine, and Residence.
6. Complete research from Planetary Development through your Research Facility.
7. Attack pirates to get more resources.