How to use the coupon code?

1. Tap your commander portrait to access the Commander Info page. 

2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom left of your Commander Info page.

3. Tap the Coupon icon located under the account icon. This will redirect you to the Coupon page.

4. Input the Coupon Code and tap the Redeem button to receive the rewards

Note: Check your mailbox to claim the rewards

For iOS Users, due to the platform's policy, the coupon icon may not be permanently available in the game. If you wish to redeem the coupon codes, please follow the steps below:

- Link your game account to your Facebook login

- Install an emulator on your laptop or computer or use an android device

- Download ASTROKINGS from Google Play Store 

- Login to your game account using Facebook login and follow the steps above on how to use the coupon code