What is the Academy?

- A facility that hires and manages your heroes. 

What is the maximum level for the Academy?

- Academy Facility's Max Level: 45
- Max Hero Slots: 188

- Normal Hero Recruit Cooldown: 4hr 16m

- Veteran Hero Recruit Cooldown: 21h 48m

Note: This may vary depending on the admin assigned and other bonuses/buffs.

How to upgrade Academy?

- Tap the Academy facility then select Upgrade icon

- Check the required resources to upgrade and Command Center level. Once completed, tap the Upgrade button

- To complete upgrade immediately, tap Finish Now. Be reminded that this will consume your crystals

How to recruit a hero?

1. Academy Facility

- Tap Academy facility from your planet

- Tap Recruit Hero icon

- Depending on the facility's level, you can recruit free heroes every X hours for both Normal and Veteran Heroes

- Legend Heroes can only be recruited using Recruit Tickets or Crystals

- Epic Heroes can be obtained by completing the mileage points goal. Mileage points can be obtained by recruiting heroes. 

2. Inventory

- Tap the Inventory icon on your screen > Special

Select the Recruitment Tickets from the inventory (Green - Veteran, Blue - Legendary)

Tap the Use button to recruit a hero (This will redirect you to the Recruit Hero page)

- Tap Recruit Hero to confirm.

- If you have more than 10 tickets for Recruitment, you could tap the Recruit 10 Heroes button. If you have less than 10, you could avail 10 Recruit Heroes at the same time using crystals

Tip! Send your Type C and/or B heroes to the Council to increase the bonus that the council offers. 

How to assign a hero to the council?

- Command Center > Council

- Select a council (Percentage may vary depending on the Council's level)

- Select the heroes you wanted to assign or you can use Auto Select button

- Auto Select will choose all Grade C heroes

- To check the hero's information, tap and hold the thumbnail of the hero you wish to check

- Tap the Council Bound button to confirm


- Heroes that are bound to the council are permanently lost and cannot be restored 

- Grade S = 15 council slots, Grade A = 3 council slots , Grade B = 2 council slots, Grade C = 1 council slot

- Locked heroes and facility admins will not be available in the options for Council

[Updated on 2019-10-22]