We strongly recommend linking the account to your Game Center/Apple ID/Google Email/Facebook to save your game progress. 

WARNING: Loading multiple accounts on a single device without using separate Game Center/Apple ID/Google Email/Facebook accounts may lead to lost accounts!

NOTE: Attempting to claim others' accounts will result in disciplinary action.

Lost Guest Account

- If there is a payment record, it is possible to retrieve the lost guest account one time. Send the details to our support team by creating a NEW TICKET.

Failed to Login

- If there are no changes made on your  Game Center/Apple ID/Google Email/Facebook account, please try to restart and clear the cache for both AstroKings and the app related to the linked account. 

Lost login on access on Game Center/Apple ID/Google Email/Facebook account

- Please contact Apple/Google/Facebook customer support to retrieve your lost Apple/Google/Facebook account. 


Contact us with the following details:

- Galaxy Number

- Commander's Name as shown in-game

- Explain how you lost your account

Note: For security reasons, we may need to reply with additional questions and can only recover your account once.